Experts at Taking Care of Your Trees, Shrubs and Plantings

Our company provides pest and nutrition management for our customers landscape plantings. We have the ability to service both large trees and shrubs. If a problem is noticed, it is identified and a control strategy is developed. We have many tools of control in our arsenal. The following are some of our most common applications:

  • Spring & Fall maintenance fertilizations
  • Soil amending applications to add depleted soil elements, much needed organics, beneficial microbes, and to reduce soil p.H. which increases the availability of applied products to be absorbed by the plant.
  • Site Monitoring
  • Systemic Trunk Injections
  • Insect & Disease Control Spray Applications

The key to any Plant Health Care program is the diagnostics of a problem and the timing and accuracy of any needed application methods. We take great strides to achieve such demands.

Chemical Intervention:

Building the health of a plant’s canopy and root system will enhance the overall ability to withstand and/or resist pest attack. However, there are instances when it is necessary to use pesticide applications to suppress a certain pest population. With the new biological and modern products available, we are able to control pest populations while lowering the impact on the environment as a whole.

Biting & Flying Insect Control:

Our  Flying / Biting Insect Control applications will use a sprayer or backpack mist blower and may include treatment of the landscape plantings, turf areas, or property perimeter to control many insects, including flying insects, ticks, and Mosquitoes.

We offer both synthetic insecticide treatment programs and also eco-friendly “essential oil” treatment programs to control mosquitoes, ticks, fleas, and many other potential disease carrying insect pests.

If you want to protect yourself, your children, and your pets against mosquitoes and other biting insects…please call our office so we can discuss treatment strategies including low risk options with you.