The Advanced Landscape Health Specialists Advantage

  • We develop a tailored nutrient program specifically for your turf.
  • We incorporate organics into our blends to enrich soils and reduce the leaching effect of other applied elements. By building the soil microbial biomass we are making our products more available to the plant root system while reducing the ability for nutrients to leach into our watershed.
  • We realize that root depth and root structure is extremely important to the wear tolerance, color and drought stress of your turf. True turf health can only be achieved through promoting quality root development, root depth/density, and organic soil content. This in itself will prevent many turf insect and disease issues.

Our Premium Turf Fertilization Program

We start the season off by applying a quality slow release granular fertilizer designed to stimulate and enhance spring color. A pre-emergent herbicide may also be applied either by being impregnated with the fertilizer or applied as a liquid spray.  

Our continued nutritional applications will use quality high slow release fertilizer products chosen to enhance the quality of the turf color and  rooting depth. Organics is always important to have in the fertilizer blend so that it will enhance microbial activity which in return will reduce thatch, stabilize soil pH, make nutrients available to the plants, and reduce leaching of fertilizers into storm sewers and shallow water tables.

Our programs normally are composed of either four or five fertilizer applications which is dependent upon soil type and irrigation availability. A liquid broadleaf weed control application is normally performed at each fertilization visit.

Our broadleaf weed control starts by first creating a healthy lawn that will reduce unwanted weeds. If or when broadleaf herbicides are needed, we will use different modern weed control products throughout the season that are specific to current weather conditions and weed germination activity. Proper herbicide selection and application will result in less herbicide introduced into our environment

Additional Services: Listed are some additional key turf services:

  • Mole Control
  • Vole Control
  • Turf Core Aerations
  • Turf Seeding
  • Grub Control
  • Ant Control Treatments
  • Beneficial Nematode Applications
  • Soil Sampling